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About Us: Montgomery Moving Company

Moving or relocating to a new place is a very critical decision as it represents the growth in the life of an individual. A new job, family or just an adventure could be viable reasons for relocating but it is the feeling of excitement that comes with it and which can’t be matched. However, this exciting looking task can prove to be stressful for both body and mind. The process involved in relocation can be daunting and make any person’s head spin. Now at this very point we, Montgomery Moving Company, comes into the picture and offer all the logistics solutions under one roof.

We are moving company based in Montgomery, Alabama USA and we tend offers a one-stop solution for all your moving needs and requirement. With our experienced and skilled team we are offering the client with best in class services which include piano removal, residential and commercial relocation and out of Town moves.

Why are we the best?

Now at the given point, you must be wondering “why to choose us?” and we reply “why not to choose us?” Once the customer approaches us we use all resource to offers him the finest and secure moving strategy.

Rich Experience

With our unbeatable experience in the logistics industry, we always ahead after analyzing your relocation needs. This foresight comes make the entire process hassle-free experience for you. This makes our services very simple and swift without any flaws.

Professional Team

Our team comprises of skilled professionals, who have an ample amount of experience in the moving and storage services. Right from consultation to planning to execute, our stand with you at every step and offer you with expert advice on the entire procedure of relocation.

Comprehensive services

We offer the client with a wide range of services in both the residential and commercial sectors. But our services are not limited as we also offer out of town and rental truck services to make the moving process simple and stress-free for the client. Our team’s first priority is safety and customer satisfaction which makes us a household name when comes to relocation.

Modern Equipment

We make the entire process of relocation effortless and comfortable by offering the client with state of art the Equipment. With right supplies such as bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, etc you can easily able sort and pack your belongings and transport to the desired location with help of our modern truck facilities. To enhance the safety of your goods will be insured before packing and moving them.

Experts Drivers

Once your stuff is loaded on the trucks, then it would be taken to the new location with assistance for experts and skilled drivers. The drivers have ample experience on the different roads and terrains. We have some of best driver to move stuff under the out of town services. They are able to navigate in terrain without any difficulty and ensuring that all your precious properties are safe at end of the journey.

 Starline Overseas

The decision regarding moving or relocation is vital and requires a certain amount of planning before carrying out the entire process. Though moving to a new location is an exciting feeling but at the same time is a stressful and tedious job. As there are various different elements involved in the whole procedure to relocate your personal belongings to the required location with utmost safety. So, for a normal human being carry to such complex task of moving can be overwhelming. But don’t you worry, We at Starline Overseas are the leading company in Canada which is taking care of your relocation requirement for last 30 years.

Established in 1982 under the Highstar Group of Companies, Starline Overseas offers the one-stop solution for your entire logistics requirement without being limited by geography. The founder of the Peter Kachur started this moving company as Jim’s Express and Transfer with only one truck in 1938 but had a sole vision of providing the finest relocation services to every Canadian.

We are an international moving company in Canada rendering the customer with comprehensive relocation services both in the residential and commercial sector. With our professional team comprising of skilled and experienced individuals, we believe in the providing you the best in class services with customer satisfaction as being our First priority.


Starline Overseas offers the wide range of services according to the logistical needs of the client and offers him the finest moving and packing services in Canada.

  • Moving From Canada- We tend to render the customer with all the relocation solutions if the customer is moving outside the Canadian region. This service includes packing, moving and long-term Storage with all import services included.
  • Moving To Canada- The clients moving to Canada from an international region, just gives us a call to determine the effective moving services according to your budget.
  • Local Moving- With more than 3000 relocations each year, we are Canada’s leading moving company rendering services in the residential and commercial sector
  • Storage-Recognized for having the best storage facility in the region, we offer the client with clean and secure at competitive rates.

Why Chose Us?


As soon as you first call us for consultation, our expert team starts to planning an appropriate relocation strategy, according to your needs and requirements with utmost safety. This makes the entire process for the client hassle free.

A wide range of Services

After understanding the client unique objectives and challenges, we offer him the right service which ranges from residential and commercial removal to Truck service to Secure storage facility. All these services are designed to offer the highest level of satisfaction to the client.

 International services

As our name suggests, Starline Overseas, we provide the client will all kind solutions to his international logistic problems.  With our comprehensive network, we make moving in or out Canada an easy and secure process.


Our professional team consists of experts, who are enriched with experience and skills in the domain of moving and packing. From understanding your requirement to offering you a pragmatic relocation solution, our team is constantly offering you a sensible and effective advice at every stage of the procedure.